A Pathfinder RPG campaign, written by Tim and Cayle. Mastered by Tim based in the World of Ayrdonya. Source material contributed by Michael (probably owner of any and all legal/copy rights.) In this campaign, we will explore the city of Whitegate while it enters a phase of turmoil with the death of a king, murmurings of rebellion, and the threat of foreign enemies looming over all.

It is 1708 AK and around you is the massive sprawl that is the great Trillian capital city of Whitegate. The world as you know it is in a state of renewal and on an unknown path. The king, Caliph the Fair, has been murdered in the streets a fortnight ago by a madman who believed the kind ruler to be a Balor in disguise. With no heir, the royal line is severed and the Kingdom’s rule is in turmoil. As you gaze up at the massive Griffon Horn you can only imagine the scheming and political intrigue that is beginning to turn its wheels; gaining momentum.

You are standing in The Carnival this sunny late summer afternoon. The madman, Ellis Lamrien, is ascending Asimar’s Gallows as so many criminals have done over its more than sixteen hundred years of history. The Gallows were used sparsely during Caliph’s reign and as the man turns to face the crowd you feel a twang of anticipation and nervousness over what you are about to witness.

You come from all walks of life. The son of an estranged noble house, a siren of the night from Chimera’s Den, , a Paladin from the Threshhold of the Gods; perhaps to one day be a member of the Order of the Godsworn, a half-orc of mysterious faith, an urban hunter with her loyal companion at her side, a gladiator with the hopes of one day inciting a frenzy into the crowd’s at Oenomaus’ Lacum. Strangers one and all, but coincidentally standing together this day in the town square. You look away as the executioner brings his weapon down hard onto the neck of the terrified man and notice the sun is beginning to set.

Dusk is on the horizon…

Dusk War Saga

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