The Dragon Guard

The Dragon Guard
The standing military force of the Kingdom of Trillium, it serves as the army, navy, and royal guard. Made of both men and women, and represented by numerous races, these brave soldiers stand as the kingdom’s first and best line of defense against its’ enemies.


Except in rare cases, in order to become an officer an individual must be of noble blood and a landowner. Being an officer does not make one a knight. Competence in battle, valor, and a strict adherence to the Word earn a person the honor of knighthood, which can only be granted by a Viceroy, or the king. Knights wear a plume upon their helmet with the color of their original provincial guard unit they belonged to when knighted and the color of their rank. Other non-knighted officers’ rank can be determined by the color of their capes (only officers are permitted to wear capes) and the trim on their armor, or clothing.

Lord-General: this position is the highest in the Trillian military and is held by one individual. The Lord-General is responsible solely to the king, but receives his authority to command from the High Congress made up of the five ruling Viceroys who can dismiss, then replace, him at any time, thus making his command a tenuous balancing act of pleasing both king and Viceroys.
Rank color: black

Dragon-Lord: for each of the five provinces there is a person of this position in charge of the provincial Dragon Guard. Each province has a corresponding color that is worn as armor and standard. The Dragon-Lords are subservient to, and appointed by, the Lord-General, but their positions are political as well as military so pleasing the king and Viceroys is always in consideration.
Rank color: white

Talon-Lord: in each of the five provinces there are a further five regions each with a Talon-Lord in military command. Talon-Lords are appointed by the Dragon-Lord of the province.
Rank color: gold

Scale-Lord: depending on the military strength of the region, there can be anywhere from ten to twenty-five Scale-Lords in a region. In times of war, the number of Scale-Lords can easily double, or even triple, but additional Scale-Lords appointed in wartime are demoted back to Majors in peacetime. Scale-Lords are appointed by the Talon-Lord of their region, but in rare cases they may be appointed by the Dragon-Lord.
Rank color: silver

Major, Captain, Lieutenant: these ranks are of lesser officers whose numbers increase and decrease as the need arises. Unlike the higher ranking “lord ranks,” these individuals are the officer core on the battlefield and are more tactical than strategic in their command.
Rank color: blue (major), green (captain), yellow (lt)


These are the tried and true individuals who take to battle day after day fighting for king, country, and their lives. In times of war they are drafted and forced to endure a difficult life of rigid authority and squalor (in times of peace they fair little better). Unlike the officer ranks, which rely on politics and bloodlines to advance themselves, an enlisted person climbs the ranks through two simple acts – survival and courage. The gap between the lowest and highest enlisted is small, and the difference in military lifestyle is also minimal. The rank of an enlisted person can be easily determined by the type of armor the individual is wearing and the type of weapon they carry. Their armor, or clothing, will be the color of the provincial Dragon Guard in which they belong.

Lanceguard: the highest of the enlisted, they serve as heavy and light cavalry.
Armor & weapon: splint or banded mail, lance

Swordguard: skilled and trained beyond the typical foot soldier, these individuals are frequently used as a special reserve, or shock troops.
Armor & weapon: chain mail, sword

Spearguard: those lucky enough to survive a couple battles may be promoted to this rank where you are given armor and an actual pointed weapon.
Armor & weapon: leather armor, spear

Shieldguard: the lowest of the enlisted, these are the common foot soldier put in formations and marched across to field of battle to glory, or death.
Armor & weapon: shield, club


Division: this is the largest unit of military organization and is under the command of a Dragon-Lord. There are normally only five divisions, one for each province (the Royal Dragon Guard being too small to be a division, but, rather, considered a fang), but in times of war one or two additional divisions have been created with provisional Dragon-Lords.

Corps: the second largest unit of organization, the corps is under the command of a Talon-Lord and, normally, five corps make up a standard division force.

Fang (brigade): fangs are commanded by Scale-Lords and are never a static number, growing and shrinking depending upon the demand of military manpower.

Wing (battalion): quite a bit smaller than a fang, wings are normally commanded by majors, but, on occasion, an adept captain has taken command. Twenty wings are the standard to make up a fang.

Talon (company): the typical sized force assigned to a non-hostile area, a talon has enough manpower to defeat random, semi-organized attacks, but cannot last against a well-armed and well-trained force. Captains normally command a talon.
Claw (platoon): the smallest of the military organizations, the claw consists of only eight men, a claw leader, and a lieutenant in command. This is the standard size of a patrol in a hostile area.


There are eight colors of the Dragon Guard. Five colors representing the Trillian provinces, two for the Royal Guard, and one special group. All are detailed below.

The Royal Dragon Guard has a single Dragon-Lord, but each separate force (gold and silver) has a Talon-Lord due to the relatively small size of each guard. To serve on either of the Royal Dragon Guard is considered one of the highest honors and a great deal of privileges. The Lord-General, by default, is considered an official part of the Gold Dragon Guard, but not a member.

Gold Dragon Guard: Although not numerous in number, the Gold Dragon Guard is the personal security force for the royal family and each member goes through a rigorous selection process. Only the very best in the military are afforded the opportunity to serve in the Gold Dragon Guard.

Silver Dragon Guard: Far more abundant than the Gold Dragon Guard, the silver are the royal police force who patrol and protect the palace, the High Congress, dignitaries, and Whitegate. A small force of Silver Dragon Guard is also stationed in Kingbridge to protect the royal residence and the royal vessel anchored there.

As noted earlier, for each of the five provinces there is a standing force of Dragon Guard that wears a specific color armor, or clothing, and bears a like colored standard. In times of war, each provincial Dragon Guard can swell to the size of an individual army. Provincial Dragon Guard are known for their rivalries among each other, but in battle their vision becomes colorless for they are all, at the heart, Trillian Dragon Guard, the mightiest army on the continent.

White Dragon Guard – Coritoorn Province
Provincial Capital – Riverstem
Ruling Viceroy – Victor Montebrook

Black Dragon Guard – Derzel Province
Provincial Capital – Antone
Ruling Viceroy – Donovan Shannonbriar

Green Dragon Guard – Witheron Province
Provincial Capital – Norro
Ruling Viceroy – Hadric Termalaine

Blue Dragon Guard – Crown Province
Provincial Capital – Kingbridge
Ruling Viceroy – Aris Trevell

Red Dragon Guard – Balshere Province
Provincial Capital – Morgontoth
Ruling Viceroy – Tanin Durock


Gray Dragon Guard: The smallest of the Dragon Guard forces, the gray is an elite company of magic-users, clerics, illusionists, druids, thieves, assassins, and other individuals with special talents who serve the crown. Rank is of relative unimportance to the Gray Dragon Guard who directly serve the Lord-General, or the king. The High Congress, although aware of the gray’s existence, have neither the authority, nor the knowledge, to employ them. Very rarely will these individuals be found in their true military colors.

The Dragon Guard

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